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   About Oddle Doddle Designs

We are a small family business based in Yorkshire. Our love for making jewellery started when we joined a jewellery making school  in York. We loved making bespoke pieces of jewellery for our family and friends for special occasions. As our family and friends showed their presents to their friends we started getting requests to make pieces for them too. We realised there there are lots of you out there looking for something a little different, or something tailored specifically for you, so we set up our small business.

Who We Are

We started off making hand made pieces of jewellery, unique to you and your loved ones. Preserving memories in fine silver pieces that you can wear and carry with you. See our sister website, www.oddledoddle.com.  There you can choose from our fingerprint, hand, foot or even paw print jewellery or preserve a simple drawing or hand written message on a fine silver charm or pendant. We also encapsulate favourite photos or a lock of hair in some of our pieces.


We were often asked if we did any other pieces without the personalisation so we developed Oddle Doddle Designs. We hope you like our new range of bracelets and pendants.

Remember all of our designs are hand made so if you can't see what you're looking for or want a design that nobody else has why not contact us. We'd be happy to look at making something specific for you.


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What We Do