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000 Autumn Angels

Angels & Autumn, Autumn Angels, these are themes that we, Florence and Anna, here at Oddle Doddle love. We have combined our love of angel wings and autumn leaves to make a range of items in sterling silver and fine silver. These are very popular, so it turns out it is not just us that love them.

Many of the Leaf designs are made from actual leaves and each piece is a one off, totally unique. If there is a style below that you like but there isn't one for sale in our shop, send us an email (our email address is on our contact page) and we will make one for you. Once made we will send you a picture of the actual piece. If you want to go ahead with the purchase we can then put it on here for you to purchase through the website.

Single Drop Pendants - £25

005d Angel 008c Cherub

Double Drop Pendants - £32

002b Autumn Fall 004e Seraphim on Belcher

Unique Leaf Pendants - priced according to size

018a Large Autumn Leaf 019a Medium Autumn Leaf 019bb Medium Autumn Leaf 020a Small Autumn Leaf

Earrings - £28

005d Earrings 003cc Seraphim Long Drop Earrings 031 Long Drop Leaf Earrings

Charms- £18

027 Angel Wing Charm 027 Leaf Charm 00
026a Angel Wing 00 013a Leaf 2 014a Leaf 3 011a Botanica 028aa Short Angel Earrings 029aaa Short Cherub Earrings 030bb Short leaf earrings