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0000 Sea Glass Beach Comber

Oddle Doddle's Beach Comber Range is made from English vintage sea glass. Victorian glassworks in the North East of England would pour thier waste glass into the sea. Here in the sea, it has been tumbled and smoothed for over 100 years to form the pretty frosted pieces you see here. Collected over a number of family beach combing days out they have now lovingly been made into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

We have styles as pictured below but, as each piece of sea glass is unique, each piece of jewellery that we make is one of a kind. One slightly different to the next in size, colour and shape. Therefore it is hard to keep up with photos of the exact pieces we have for sale. If there is a style below that you like but there isn't one for sale in our shop send us an email (our email address is on our contact page) and we will make one for you. Once made we will send you a picture of the actual piece. If you want to go ahead with the purchase we can then put it on here for you to purchase through the website.

Chokers -

001 Juicy Fruit 04 002 Sea Greens 04

Bangle Bracelets -

003 Sea Greens 01 003 Sea Turquoise 04 004 Sea Aquas Bangle Bracelet 01

Bracelets -

005 Blues Sea Glass Bracelet 01 005 Blues2 Sea Glass Bracelet 01 005 Greens Sea Glass Bracelet 01 005 Ambers Sea Glass Bracelet 01

Pendants -

012 Green Circle Pendant 012b Blue Circle Pendant 006 SGJTC001 a

Crest Pendant -

016a Crest Blue Pendant 017a Crest Greens Pendant 016 Crest Sea Sunrise Pendant

Earrings -

015b Sea Greens Earrings 015b Sea Foam Earrings 013a Sea Aquas Earrings 011a Seaglass Earrings

Pendants -

002g Aqua 003c Green 006d Blue swirl 005d pale Blue 008 SGSGR002 aa 020 SGSGP001 c 009 SGSBR001 aa 021 SGSBP001 a 019b Sea Breeze Pendant 022 SGJTP002 aa