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000 Chain Maille

Our chain maille collection is great for that special occasion. The all silver multi ring pieces go with any outfit and the birthstone range are the perfect for that special birthday or anniversary. Please see a list of the stones we have for each birth month below.

  Januay        -        Garnet

February        -        Amethyst

    March        -        Aquarmarine

       April        -        Rock Crystal

        May        -        Emerald

       June        -        Pearl or Moonstone

Bracelets - £65

009 Brstone Bracelet Byzantine Bracelet 2

Necklaces - £120

00 00

Drop Pendants - £28

004a Amethyst Drop pendant 006a Pearl Birthstone Drop Pendant 002a Multi Ring Drop Necklace 005a Lavinia Drop pendant

Earrings - £28

003a Amethyst Birthstone Earrings 007a Ruby Birstone Earrings 008a Onyx Birstone Earrings 001a Multi Ring Earrings 005a Lavinia Drop Earrings
Lavinia Bracelet 2 00

            July        -        Ruby

      August        -        Peridot

September        -        Sapphire

     October        -        Fire Opal or

                                      Pink Tourmaline

 November        -        Citrine

 December        -        Topaz, Onyx or


001 January Round Garnet2 001 January faceted Garnet2 002 February Round Amethyst2 002 February Faceted Amethyst2 003 March Aquamarine2 003 March Picasso Jasper2 004 April Rock Crystal2 005 May Emerald2 005 May Green Agate2 007 July Ruby2 007 July Onyx2 008 August peridot2 009 September Blue Sapphire2 009 September Yellow Sapphire 010 October Fire Opal2 010 October Pink Tourmaline2 011 November Citrine2 011 November Topaz2 012 December Turquoise2 012 December Onyx2

Birthstones Available: