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000 Earrings

This is not really a collection in it's own right. I have just put all the earrings from our collections here in one place so you can see them all together if earrings are what you are looking for.

Chain Maille Earrings - £28

007a Ruby Birstone Earrings 008a Onyx Birstone Earrings

Angels & Autumn Earrings - £28

005d Earrings 003a Seraphim Long Drop Earrings 00

Circle Earrings - £22

014a Amethyst Circle Earrings 015a Onyx Circle Earrings 016 Citrine Earrings 3

Precious & Semi Precious Bead Earrings - £16

001a Round Jade Drop Earrings 003a Round Pearl Drop Earrings 017a Matt Amethyst Drop Earrings 006a Peridot Drop Earrings 003a Round Jade Teardrop Earrings 019a Garnet & Silver Bead Drop Earrings 018a Faceted Green Agate Earrings

Sea Glass Earrings - £16

015b Sea Greens Earrings 015b Sea Foam Earrings 013a Sea Aquas Earrings 011a Seaglass Earrings
001a Multi Ring Earrings 005a Lavinia Drop Earrings

Other Earrings

021a Large Rolled Leaf Triangle Earrings 001a Blue Sapphire Hoop earrings 001a Yellow Sapphire Hoop earrings