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000 Leather Bracelets

Wear them on their own or stack them up, our leather bracelets are available in a variety of colours and weights. We have the chunkier 3mm wrap around leathers ranging down the the delicate Links and Ball Chain Bracelets. Buy them on thier own or why not add a charm or two. We will also be introducing a range of leather and silver bangles soon.

If there is a style below that you like but you would like it in a different colour, maybe we can source it for you, send us an email (our email address is on our contact page) and we will source the colour if possible and make one for you. Once made we will send you a picture of the actual piece. If you want to go ahead with the purchase we can then put it on here for you to purchase through the website.

3 x Wrap Arounds - £25

001d 3 x Wrap Black 002d 3 x Wrap Black Braided

Single Leathers - £23

Single Leathers - £23

00 003d Braided Black 002d Braided White 008d Braided Black & White

Ball Chain - £14

ODD 742 Ebony aa 005d Ball chain Graphite 1 001d Ball Chain Ruby 1

Links - £14

002d Links Ebony 1 00 001d Links Ruby 1
003d 3 x wrap braided white 007d 3 x Wrap black & White 004d Antique Brown 006d Camel 007d Antique Natural 004d Links Chalk 11 003d Links Turquoise 1 ODD 749 Tan aa 006d Links Silver 1 004d 3 x Wrap Antique Brown 003d Ball chain Turquoise 1 006d 3 x Wrap Camel 007d 3 x wrap Antique Natural 005d 3 x Wrap Natural 005d Natural 004d Ball Chain Chalk 1 007d Ball Chain tan 1 ODD 750 Silver aa ODD 745 Cocoa aa

Friendship Leathers - £23

001 Black Lazy Daisy 4 001 Brown Lazy Daisy 3 001 Natural Lazy Daisy 5 002 Black Eternal 7 002 Brown Eternal 2 003 Natural Amour 3 003 Brown Amour 4 005c Valentine 006d Daisy Doo 008d Star 007a Silver Barley 009b Tree of Life ODD 744 Cocoa aa