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000 Raw Crystal Collection

Our Raw Crystal Collection is made from raw unpolished crystals in their natural state. They have just been drilled and set with sterling and argentium silver. Each crystal is unique so each piece is slightly differnt to the next.

We have styles as pictured below but, as each crystal is unique, each piece of jewellery that we make is one of a kind. One slightly different to the next in size, colour and shape. Therefore it is hard to keep up with photos of the exact pieces we have for sale. If there is a style below that you like but there isn't one for sale in our shop send us an email (our email address is on our contact page) and we will make one for you. Once made we will send you a picture of the actual piece. If you want to go ahead with the purchase we can then put it on here for you to purchase through the website.

Earrings - £32

ODD427 Raw Amethyst Earrings 001a ODD901 Rock Crystal Earrings 001a

Pendants (on delicate 18" Chain) - £32

ODD426 Raw Amethyst Pendant a ODD900 Rock Crystal Pendant (small) 001a

Large Pendants (on 30" Chain)

ODD903 Large Rock Crystal Pendant 001a

Lariat Pendants - Individually priced

ODD 900 H (3) ODD 912 B Sold Etsy (1) ODD 922 B ((Sold Etsy) 1) (3)