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000 Silver Pendants

Playing with surface pattern, texture and shape each piece in our Silver Pendant range is unique. Despite making a number of pieces of each style before moving onto new designs each piece is really one of a kind as the pattern and shape of each piece is slightly different to the next.

Some styles have co-ordinating earrings, scroll down below.

If there is a style below that you like but there isn't one for sale in our shop, send us an email (our email address is on our contact page) and we will make one for you. Once made we will send you a picture of the actual piece. If you want to go ahead with the purchase we can then put it on here for you to purchase through the website.


001a Large Spiral 025a Twirl 021aa Large Rolled Leaf Pendant 021c Large Rolled Leaf Pendant 016 a Disc 2 (3) 017a Disc 3 (3)


021a Large Rolled Leaf Triangle Earrings IMG_5208a 00
006aa Grace 023b Daisy Meadow 022b Small Rolled leaf Pendant 022a Small Rolled leaf Pendant IMG_0444aa IMG_0446a