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0000a Tree of Life Collection

Our Tree of Life Pendants and Earrings are availbale in a range of precious and semi precious stones. Each one is made to order and may differ slightly one to the next.


See below the range of stones our trees are currently available in.


ODD820 Peridot Tree of Life Pendant 001 ODD822 Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Earrings or simple Drop Earrings to match.

ODD840 Peridot Tree of Life Earrings

Available Stones & Colours

008 Peridot 01
001 Garnet 01 000 Aventurine 01 011 Blue Topaz 01 ODD825 Citrine Tree of Life Pendant ODD821 Pearl Tree of Life Pendant 002 Amethyst 05 011 Citrine 01 004 Rock Crystal 01 006 Peridot Drop Earrings a