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Being based in Yorkshire ourselves this is a collection close to our hearts. See here collections based on the famous Yorkshire Rose and our local gemstone, Whitby Jet.

Jet can be found in different countries around the world, mainly China, Siberia, USA & Germany, but the finest jet has always been said to come from England, more specifically , the North-East coast of Yorkshire around Whitby and Robins Hood Bay. Jet is fossilised wood, similar to the wood of a monkey puzzle tree. It has been compressed under the ground for millions of years. Whitby jet is very lightweight and can be polished to a very high shine and has an intense black colour.


Our designs below are handmade and each one may differ slightly to the next. The raw pieces of Whitby Jet are all unique sizes and shapes, some parts polished to a high shine while others show the raw texture of the jet.

Yorkshire Rose Pendants

IMG_5477a IMG_5476a

Whitby Jet Pendants

010 d Whitby Jet Cage 011a Whitby Jet Ring Pendant


IMG_5472a 012a Whitby Jet

Yorkshire Rose Brooches, Lapel Badge & Bangle

ODD 243 aaaaa ODD 251 aaaa ODD 250 a 2 IMG_6866a ODD 945 a Etsy ODD 1131 Copper York Rose Tan aa ODD 1132 Copper York Rose Black aa ODD 1121 York Rose Double Notch Tan a ODD 1130 Copper York Rose Natural aaa

Yorkshire Rose Leathers - £20 - £28

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